Ideas ... ideas ... ideas ...

Someday I seriously intend to settle down and write in one genre and only one genre … if God so leads.
I want that genre to be Women’s Inspirational Fiction and am diligently pursuing that goal by writing, joining a critique group, attending writing conferences, and reading books and listening to CDs on the craft of writing. Oh, and reading LOTS of Women’s Inspirational Fiction books. 
But what do I do with the incredible lessons God teaches me involving everyday, routine experiences and activities? I mean, they are so right for devotional writing.
Then there are those crazy kids I love to teach—the middle school students who can only read at a 2nd-3rd grade level. The ones who are too embarrassed to read what they are able to read in study hall, so they carry around those thick fantasy books that will impress their friends. What if I could write an engaging fantasy series at their level, using their vocabulary? And what if I made each series one level more difficult than the previous one? Could I hook these kids? I hope so because I’m working on Series 1 right now.
Then there’s my pastor’s sermon series on restoration. WAY too much Godly insight to be heard only once on Sundays. So I’m working my way through this, too.
Experts say I must narrow my genre to only one in order to build a strong reading audience. I get that and will do so as soon as God gives me the all clear. 
Until then, please know that my goal in writing is to introduce you to a deeper and clearer understanding of God’s perfect, unconditional, and unfailing love. His truth that sets us free from the enemy’s lies and temptations. Facts from the Word that reveal light in the darkness.
Whether through fiction—via a character journey, or through non-fiction—via Bible study, devotion, or teaching, I pray that my writing blesses you and equips you to search for God’s truth as you Face Facts in a World of Fiction