I love God, and I love telling others about Him.

That’s why I write.
Well, that, and I absolutely love to create characters and story worlds. Especially when I can use them to show how God works in our lives for our good and His glory. 
Okay, so I love watching people, too. I like to observe their behavior and listen to their conversations and speculate on Why? and What if …? Hence, I do the majority of my writing at IHOP. Well, at least that’s why I started going there. 
Each time I go, I talk to the servers and get to know each one by name. Ask about their day, their families, their troubles, and their dreams. Ask if I can pray for them. Right there. Share God’s love for them. Basically, build relationships.
And all along, they ask about my books and my characters. I share what the characters are up to and what they are learning about the Lord. How they’ve messed up and picked up the pieces. How they look to God for guidance and support.
I now write at two different IHOP locations and have many friends on staff and in management. They hook me up with the freshest cuts of fruit and keep the water hot in my teapot. And I take time to find out how their world is going and to offer hope and encouragement, or maybe just a listening ear … whatever the Holy Spirit shows me they need.
Odd little ministry. But ordained of God, just the same. One in which I’m truly humbled and grateful for the privilege of representing God to those He loves and longs to call His own.  
Have a blessed day!