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Biz Rises To the Challenge

With a MILLION dollars in her pocket, fifty-five year old Biz McNeely kicks up her heels—grinning and nipping at the bit to join life on Easy Street! For years, Biz has dreamed about opening an equestrian center for abused teen-aged girls on her rural Indiana farm. Thrilled to pieces when she receives an unexpected inheritance, Biz’ mind spins with exciting plans.

Then real-life interrupts: an alcoholic son struggles in rehab . . . family involvement in an accident leaves a young teen brain-injured . . . and the neighborhood starts a petition to stop progress on Biz’ dream.

When tempted to give up, Biz pushes forward with passionate, faith-building determination, reminding herself that God sees everything that happens and will somehow—in His time—use it to bring about the dream He placed in her heart so many years ago! 


Biz McNeely is up to her ears in drama—some good (a million bucks!), some horrific. And like most of us, Biz doesn’t do always the smart thing and has to learn some lessons the hard way. But the Spirit of God is a good teacher, and Biz has a teachable heart.  Dive into this latest Bizventure and fasten your seat belt!

—Angela Hunt  
Christy Award Winner and author of Star of Wonder 


If you're looking for perfect, squeaky clean characters with a plot that resolves with a Hallmark type ending, you won't find them within the pages of this book. What you will find, however, are flawed, relatable characters who navigate life's trials with grace, faith, love and resilience, and inspire the audience to do the same.

—Michelle S. Lazurek
Literary Agent, Certified Writing Coach and
Multi-Genre Award Winning author of Who God Wants Me to Be 


I, of course, love Biz. She’s so real. So endearing, not in spite of but because of the places where she continues to work on herself and surrender to God. Her humor is delightful and so are her wrestling matches with weight and with keeping her tongue in check. Despite her self-deprecation, she’s what every teenage girl wants from a grandmother, what every friend wants from her honest pal, what every congregation needs to keep it from becoming stale. Her growth over the course of her ongoing story shows great skill on the author's part.

—Nancy Rue   
Christy Award Winning author of 122 books


A heart-warming and faith-strengthening tale of love lost and love found, and the healing power of God's unfailing love. “Biz” is a winning recipe that feels as good as hot chocolate in front of a blazing fireplace. Barb Haley has cooked up another winner. 

—Terry Brennan
Jerusalem Prophecies Series & Empires of Armageddon Series