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Singing Soldiers


You wouldn't send a choir into a battle? Would you set up a sing-song in a stinking old jail? And what about when you've just lost everything you've ever loved, would you feel like singing?


Well, each of these situations is a real life story in the Bible and in this book. Winston doesn't have to battle with a choir but he does have to deal with his freaky Aunt Frieda. Avery hasn't been chucked into prison but she discovers that people in jail do like to sing. And when Danielle doesn't feel like singing-she finds that there are others worse off and that she can always tell God how wonderful He is.




The Singing Soldiers       —retells the Bible story of Jehoshaphat

Singing for Jailbirds        —retells the Bible story of Paul and Silas

Horses and Carrots          —retells the Bible story of Moses and the Red Sea

Strings and Kings            —retells the Bible story of David and King Saul

It Has to Be a Set-up       —retells the Bible story of Job

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