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FUN with Fiction!

If you like to read, write, or tell stories, YOU are going to be a GREAT writer!

Do you ever dream of writing stories and seeing them in print? If so, this is the book for you!

Learning to write quality fiction takes a lot of time and practice.
Most writing books are long and hard to understand.

FUN with Fiction is different!

This book includes lots of graphics and great examples to help you understand and practice the important skills you need to become a successful fiction writer without boring you to death!



Table of Contents:

Ready to Take the First Step?

How to Plot Your Story

Welcome to the Imagination Station

What If?

Where Can You Get an Idea?

Create Cool Characters

Design Sizzling Settings

Story World

Create Some Conflict and Suspense

What’s a Villain?

Story Arc

Consider Your Audience

Grow Your Idea

Show—Don’t Tell

Point of View


No Magic Solutions

Beginning, Middle & End

Story Ending

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